CJC are a Cambridgeshire based independent, family wholesaler, that has served Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire for nearly 100 years providing local produce, originally on market stalls over the years and now delivering throughout East Anglia in our vans.


From Fruit You Eat To Fruit You Drink! 

In 2000 we made the switch over to become a drinks wholesaler and we are passionate about providing unique, premium, local, healthy drinks to our customers. If locally made, sustainability, and origin is at the heart of your business, then please talk to us about our products and services, and how we may be able to help increase choice, value, revenue and sustainability to your business!
Our Apple Juice is grown, picked, pressed and bottled less than 800 yards from our warehouse in Meldreth, Royston and we have more from our great range of not from concentrate juices.

We stock a variety of drinks and snacks from a number of producers many of whom are Fairtrade. We strive to promote a local food economy and will always use local products wherever possible..
We’d love to hear from local business and local suppliers x