Ponthier Chilled Fruit Puree – Apricot x 1kg

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The Rhone Valley is traditionally a grand purveyor of apricots. Maison Ponthier selected the Bergeron apricot which comes from the Rhone Valley, the perfect terroir for this variety. Mr Bergeron created this eponymous variety in Mont d’Or between the wars. It is ideally suited to the alluvial and sun-baked terraces of the Rhone Valley, enjoying the silty soil well-maintained by irrigation to ensure the apricot trees produce even more beautiful and tastier fruit. The Bergeron variety produces apricots with a fabulous flavour: tangy, fleshy, tasty, soft and fragrant. In the orchards of our partner farmers, the harvest is entirely done by hand in several stages, ensuring the fruit we receive is at the peak of ripeness, loaded with sugar.

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